campervans for sale: Ex-britz Toyota Hiace Hitop Campervan for sale in Australia


Good Day, we are from Singapore. We went on a half year tour around Australia. We bought the campervan in February 2003. If you are interested to have a look at the campervan, please mail us at and we will take it from there. .

LAST UPDATE 13 May 04 Will be in Sydney from 18 May for 2 months The campervan is currently in Tuggerah, 150km from Sydney. UPDATE: 20 May 04 We are in Sydney with the campervan. Our mobile number is 0405819729. Do call us if you do not get a reply through email. We may not have Internet access.

There is no problem getting it to your doorstep for viewing in SA (eg. Adelaide), VIC (eg. Melbourne), NSW or QLD (eg. Brisbane) if you are keen on the sale.

Regards, Chong and Ling.

P.S. Please scroll down for more photos and information!

We bought the campervan with mileage at 225000km. Currently 235000km. We did not have any problem with the campervan at all. Britz recommended to service at 240000km, but we sent the campervan for service/ maintenance at 231000km for peace of mind. The mechanic who serviced the campervan said everything is in very good condition. Features: Power steering, 2.4L EFI engine, 5 speed transmission, contactless immoboliser, Gas Stove, fridge/ freezer, sink, utensils, crockery, bread toaster, 2 sleeping bags, 4 pillows, 2 folding chairs, a folding table, crab net, fishing rod and tackle, WA street directory and of course, lots of storage space.

The usual concerns with ex-britz hitop campervans are
A) high mileage although it is only 4 years old
- While looking for a campervan to purchase, we found 1980s vans with mileage as low as 150000km. If its too good to be true...
B) wind resistance due to the hitop.
- we have no problems at 100km/h to 110km/h. However, we do not have experience with any other vans without hitop so we do not know if wind resistance is a problem. The usual fuel economy we get from the fully loaded campervan (2 adults + full tank of petrol + full tank of water + 100kg of luggage) is 12L/100 km on highways and 14L/100 km in cities. How you drive definitely affects your fuel economy. I used to get 17L/100km when I just bought the campervan due to accelerating too quickly. C) not comfortable buying from private owner - I will be glad to provide documentation you require. OR at the last resort, sell to a used car company of your choice, and you can purchase from them.

If you are from other countries and need help with the transfer of vehicle, insurance and other details, we will be glad to help you settle in.

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Response to questions

The next service is due in 6000km but we will get it serviced before transferring to you. Britz recommended to service every 15000km, but we sent the van for servicing after 6000km (231000km) and will be sending for servicing at 241000km again. We have the records from the last service at (231000km) Adelaide, but nothing prior to that because Britz (at Perth) didn't have anything available.

The mechanic at last service said all the belts are good.

Clutch hasn't been replaced in the last 10000km. I don't know when, if ever, it was replaced. As far as I know, the clutch is good. The only problem is getting into reverse gear. May need to press the clutch twice ocassionally. This method is mentioned in the manual, so I don't know if it is caused by wear and tear, or it is a problem with the design, but it certainly is a nuisance when doing 3 point turns. All the sales people I have talked to seem to think the clutch will last forever. I will check with the mechanic on the next service. Toyota Hiace have a reputation for reliability. There is little need to change gears on the highways compared to driving in the city.

Mechanic said the tires are good. However, the tires may be 4 years old. This is my assumption since there were no records from Britz when I bought the van. so I have been wondering if they should be replaced.... there are many left over bits and pieces of tires on the highway.

Engine oil
Engine doesn't seem to use up any detectable amount of engine oil. Still at full mark after 4000km from last oil change. I can't detect any change in smell or appearance as well.

Dual battery
The Deep Cycle Battery for lighting, fridge etc is giving problem and not holding charge well. We will get it replaced. Probably cost around A$200.

Nothing that I can remember. We did however had 2 minor accidents in the beginning of the trip and had small dents at the rear. No mechanical problems. The dents have been fixed, and slightly scratched bumper and lights replaced with new, for over A$2000.

There are small rust spots at some places around the front windscreen when we bought the van in February. The front is very vulnerable to damage from sand and stone kicked up by other vehicles, and there are small "pits". These need to be touched up by paint as you go along so they don't rust.

I don't like the suspension much. It is fine on good roads, but very bumpy on unsealed roads.

Brakes are good. No ABS though.

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